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Case Studies
Do Not Risk Safety of your House Mar 26, 2014

A couple of years ago Shokat Begum,62, was smothered to death by her Bangladeshi tenant by the name Md. Anwar who committed the crime driven by the assumption that the landlady is in possession of money and jewellery.  The assumption found base in the suspicious habit of the landlady who did not allow a tenant to stay for more than three months.

According to an official, being the only surviving member of her family which owned properties across the city, Begum always feared that her properties would be forcibly grabbed.                                                                                                                -Hindustan Times

Consequence of putting a faulty approach to action to tackle a crucial issue.
Was the fear of losing valuables addressed sufficiently?

Was the approach applied by the lady a prudent enough approach?

Whenthe decision maker is solely the landlord/landlady, it is in the best interests to welcome suggestions from family and friends, moreso in the cases where the renting decision solely lies on an elderly's discretion. And when that is not an option, it is best to take the help of tenant registration to keep Police informed.

Incidents like the above have made the police stress on the importance of tenant verification time and again. In addition to tenant registration, tenant background check has emerged as one solution capable of shedding some more light on the tenant’s background. By running a background check, which comprises of address check, employment and criminal record check, among others, an endeavour is made towards matching the stated and verified antecedents.

Tenant verification equips you with verified information on the tenant's past. With such being the nature of value addition, a landlord can rely on tenant verification for decision making and risk mitigation.

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Case Studies

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