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Case Studies
She never Passed Class 12 but had a Medical Degree! Jul 26, 2016

She had a medical degree, a licence to practice and all the relevant documents. What she didn’t have is a pass mark in the Class 12 board examination.

On Tuesday, the Tamil Nadu State Medical Council removed her from the medical register and she has been placed under suspension until further orders on charges of impersonation. She had been living under a different name and the documents were arranged by her Father. The actual person whose identity she was living with died in 2003

 (Times of India)

Analysis and Recommendations

Have you ever come across news piece like the one above and were shocked/surprised/bewildered because you were under the assumption that these kind of things happen only in heist movies but not in real life? If we tell you that this is not the first such case nor will it be the last, would you believe us? Let me give you an example of two sisters. One of them got a job offer from a reputed brand and she was meant to join the organisation after a month. She passed away in the interim period. On the day she was supposed to turn up for new job, someone else walked in claiming to be her. It was her sister. She worked in the company for two years before they found out about her impersonation. Cases like this are a norm world over where people forge documents and assume fake identities and apply for loans and jobs with this fake identity.

It is hard to find out the real identity of these kind of people. You need some serious investigative skills and a plenty of time. Most HR personnel of the companies are so busy and have limited time. If the top management of any company assumes that their HR with limited resources and time will be able to investigate forged documents and fake identities, then we would like to believe that they live in a parallel universe where everyone and everything is perfect. According to Norton Cybercrime Report 2011, globally 431 million adults experienced cyber-crime in 2011 and more than 1 million plus adults became victims every day. As per the report, India is fast emerging as a soft target for organized cyber-crime with four in five online adults have been victims of identity theft in 2011. According to a report shared by CPP India, most identity theft victims don’t realise the fraud until long after the incident and dismiss possible indicators.

So what are organisations doing if the statistics of Identity theft are so alarming? And what are the common people on ground doing about it, if their own identity is stolen by someone.


AuthBridge designed a solution called IndiaVerify, an online verification service has been designed for the individual customer. With the wealth of screening experience, especially in the Indian market, the team at AuthBridge understood the need for verification services for the independent user. It is better to be safe than sorry. It is better to keep self-verifying yourself from time to time to ensure your identity is not compromised.

So what are you waiting for then? Hurry up and get yourself verified before it will be too late. 


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Case Studies

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