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Driver / Domestic Help Verification
Today, trust is built and maintained by verifying your new hire! Jun 28, 2016

DriveU, an on-demand driver aggregator for private car owners, has acquired Gurgaon-based CallAtHome for an undisclosed amount. With this acquisition, DriveU will now have over 500 partner-drivers across India. DriveU’s on-demand driver services for private cars for travel both within the city limits and outstation travel are available in Bengaluru, Chennai, Mumbai and New Delhi. Through this acquisition, DriveU extends its service to Gurgaon.

(The Hindu)

Analysis and recommendations

Innovations in technology have made our lives smooth. Everything is convenient and hassle free. From buying groceries to furniture, from premium fashion brands to the local ones, everything is available just a finger touch away. You just open an app, click on a particular service/product and you get that instantaneously. A decade back, for example, we would spend hours out in the sun just to flag down a taxi, then bargain for the fare, and at the end of it, drivers would refuse to go in a particular direction. If you had a car but you could not drive because of so many reasons, you had to call acquaintances, friends and family members to chauffeur you. Today, the world is different, you can find a driver to drive you anywhere just a click away. But all these smooth and streamlined services have a darker side, a scary one. How safe is it to procure services of a complete stranger? All these companies claim to provide verified house help & drivers etc. but what & how needs to be confirmed. I would need to be assured that the person walking into my home to deliver my grocery is an honest upright citizen who means no harm to me. It goes same for the driver or any other service that I might hire. But how will I ensure that the person who is providing me any service does not mean any harm to me in any way, whatsoever? Be it a materialistic or a physical one.


Employers have to ensure that the people they are hiring are not threat to their customers. Most of the employers are content with just verifying their employees through police but what about their past jobs, their residential history etc. How and who will do a thorough background check?

IndiaVerify, an online verification service offering from AuthBridge, has been designed for the individual customer. With the wealth of screening experience, especially in the Indian market, the team at AuthBridge understood the need for verification services for the independent user. Verifying your domestic help, driver, tenant and your marriage partner is as critical to your personal safety and well-being as is screening candidates, vendors and business partners for the security in the corporate world.

We are all different people. Some who trust strangers blindly, some who start to trust but after verifying every claim of theirs? Some who don’t trust at all? But whichever kind you are, a solution like IndiaVerify can build that trust for you.


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Case Studies

Meenakshi, a working mother of a four year-old lives...