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To                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Date: 

Sub: Authorisation Letter for conducting Background Verification


I, < Name of Requestor>, had vide letter dated [.] requested IndiaVerify to conduct a Background Verification on <Name of Person to be Verified >. For the purpose of such verification I with the consent of <Name of Person to be Verified > hereby, authorize IndiaVerify and its associates to conduct background verifications and to check the information/documents provided by me for <Name of Person to be Verified >.


We, <Name of Person to be Verified > and I <Name of Requestor>, understand that IndiaVerify and its associates may contact government or non government agencies,  previous/current employer and/or references as required for information and/or check public records for the same.


We confirm that we will not hold IndiaVerify and its associates liable for any direct or indirect loss/damage, whether financial or non-financial, incurred by me and/or <Name of Person to be Verified >  due to the verifications conducted by IndiaVerify & its associates.


Name of Person to be verified


Signature of the person being verified


Witness-(Name of Requestor)


Witness (Signature of Requestor)






[Important: Please keep this document filled & signed by the person being verified in your safe custody. It may be deemed necessary to prove your authority in requesting for the verification in case of any instance of infringement of privacy of the individual]

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