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Miss Shruti Gupta

I was constantly engaged with a guy on an online matrimonial portal and after 2 months of interaction decided to meet him. The guy claimed to be an engineer from a renowned university working in a reputed firm in Gurgaon. It was in between conversion the incident of some mishap in a party came up. One of my friends who works as a HR suggested me to conduct a background check. As communicated by IndiaVerify the report was given to me within the promised turn arount time and revealed the person had a criminal background and had been accused in case of murder. The employment details were also false. Thanks to the team at IndiaVerify for saving my neck. 


Customer Speak

With hands on experience, in-depth knowledge and understanding of the intricacies involved in the verification...

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Preliminary background checks can uncover discrepancy in a potential marriage partner, tenant , driver, domestic...