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IndiaVerify to Offer Marriage Partner Verification Service to Individuals


India, New Delhi, June 14th , 2012 – AuthBridge, one of the leading background verification solution provider to corporates in India and abroad is introducing its retail service IndiaVerify. This announcement is great news for the individual customer who would be able to initiate verification for his personal requirements with ease.

IndiaVerify, an online verification service offering from AuthBridge, has been designed understanding the need of the customer with the wealth of screening experience, especially in the Indian market.

“After having partnered with Fortune 500 companies and other top MNCs for nearly 7 years in employee background verification service, we are acquainted with the intricacies involved with verifications and have a proven track record in providing unparalleled verification service. We wanted to offer to the masses the same experience & expertise as well” shared the  Product Head at IndiaVerify.

In the wake of exponentially increasing cases of crimes/frauds committed by marriage partners, caution and getting the background of the prospect marriage partner verified has become a requirement rather than a matter of choice.

Statistics reveal matrimony related frauds increased from less than 1,000 cases in 1993 to approximately 2.82 lakh cases in 2000. And the percentage increases significantly when it comes to marriages to NRI's. Marriage fraud by NRI's is serious enough a subject for the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs to publish a booklet in 2007 titled ‘Marriage to Overseas Indians, a Guidance Booklet’ with guidelines of what one should verify before taking the decision.

“Since section 377 of the IPC has become abolished there has been a considerable rise in cases of parents asking us to verify the sexuality of the other partner. It is extremely important people in general are aware of such incidents and know what is verifiable with consent and what is not” said one of the Senior Managers at IndiaVerify.

Marriage partner verification will ensure that there are no rude or less-than-pleasant shocks post the event. A service like IndiaVerify makes it easy for the individual customer to avail the service without the hassle of finding out the authenticity of the service provider or having doubts or questions regarding the genuineness of the procedure.