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Driver / Domestic Help Verification:

Police are also recording an increasing number of domestic crimes committed by household drivers. Drivers today come from all parts of the country and are, for most parts, unknown to you. Their driving skills and expertise apart, their past employment history and criminal record, if any should be checked before you hand over those keys to your precious vehicle and jeopardise the security of your family.

Verification of the driver’s background will ensure the man behind your wheels [and with a key to your household] is not a proven criminal and has a traceable address. You could also, through a medical check, verify his alcohol/drug dependency.

Privy to your personal information as they ferry your family members to and fro, your driver’s knowledge of your routine makes you vulnerable to crimes such as kidnapping, robbery and violence if he has a unverified background.

Once verified and registered with the police, you are sure that you know what can be known.