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Marriage Partner Verification:

Did you know

That marriage fraud is so serious that the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs has published a booklet titled ‘Marriage to Overseas Indians, a Guidance Booklet’ with guidelines of what one should verify before taking the decision

That instances of concealing previous marriages gone wrong, dual marriages, marrying with incorrect information are rampant

That medical conditions, drug/alcohol abuse are concealed

Don’t risk your son’s or daughter’s life with an unverified marital alliance. Marriage fraud today is on the rise. Check, verify and find out everything you possibly can before getting them married. 

Whether the prospective spouse lives overseas, in another part of India or even from the same city, their background should be checked and verified.  Entering into a marriage without proper verification can cost you and your child emotional and financial damage. 

Deception is all too common and cheating a very real danger with police recording increasing cases of marriage fraud. It is only right and proper to know the personal, professional, family and financial details of the prospective spouse to avoid possible future problems.

Many people who marry overseas spouses often find that they are already married; have given false information on the spouse’s job, immigration status, earning and property ownership.  The life of your child is also at risk because they are far away, isolated, helpless and at the mercy of their marriage partner.

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