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Self Verification:

Find out what employers see when they conduct your background check!

Employers often run background checks on potential employees when they join the organization to check for their criminal records, address verification, education verification, etc.

If you are applying for a job, get a personal background check and find out instantly what employers will see when they search your background.

A self background check can help alert you to identity errors in your records. It can also reassure potential clients before they take you on-board.  

Here are several reasons to conduct your own background check:

Stand out among other candidates - Not many folks will pre-verify their background, but it saves employers and recruiters precious time and money if you do.

Show prospective employers you’re honest - Confirm the information on your resume through verification to prove your education, experience, etc.

Control your career data – Know what’s out there about you and if there are any inaccuracies in your background information then those can be timely confronted and resolved.   

Being self-verified gives you the conviction and the authority to be above others in terms of your authenticity. Employers will prefer to hire someone who is already presenting a verified profile and the verification has been conducted by IndiaVerify, an AuthBridge initiative. AuthBridge has over the years built its reputation of being a reliable partner for Employee Screening Services for over 400 companies operating in India.

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Getting my education credentials self-verified really helped me build trust and credibility amongst...