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Tenant Verification:

You do not know if your prospective tenant has had a criminal past, has a terrorist background, has defaulted in his rent payment at his previous tenancy or has a steady, regular job or a source of income to pay the rent timely.  You do not know if he/she has had an eviction from the previous accommodation.  Delinquency by tenants is on the rise and many just abscond without paying their rent dues.

It is important to verify your prospective tenant with the current employer to ensure employment is genuine, with the previous landlord to ensure there is no default of dues or any other issue with the tenant and even from their place of origin to ensure he is locatable in case of any crime or untoward incident. 

Instances of people involved in illegal activities becoming tenants is not unheard of.

Registration of tenants with the local police is a mandatory requirement in many states.

So it makes very good sense to know who you are handing the keys to your house or flat or commercial property.  By verifying and checking you get to make a well-informed decision when you hand over your property.

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