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Our Verification Process

Our Methodology

How we conduct these verifications?

Address Verification [Current / Permanent/ Previous]   

We conduct a physical visit to the mentioned address (only within India) and the residents or neighbours are spoken with to confirm the subject (person to be verified) actually resides/resided there during the period mentioned. In areas where entry is restricted; verification is conducted through security guards, RWAs, Society offices or any other such body which manages the complex/locality.

We may need to contact the subject (person to be verified) during this verification to confirm landmark, location or help identify the exact address. In areas of rural or semi-urban nature; the local PS or PO should be mentioned for easy identification.

For permanent address verification where the subject (person to be verified) no longer resides; father’s name is required for identification. If the subject (person to be verified) has a nickname or aliases; he needs to mention that for verification. [See Disclaimer below]

Business Address Verification

For a person claiming to be self-employed, we verify the existence of the unit/office at the stated address by a site visit and enquiries with the neighbourhood. [See Disclaimer below]

Indian Criminal Record Verification

Police Verification at the stated address is conducted with the Police Station of that jurisdiction. Police verification is conducted after it has been confirmed that the subject did/does reside at the mentioned address. [See Disclaimer below]

Employer [ Current / Previous ] / Reference Verification  

This check is conducted telephonically. Verification team speaks to the references provided and understands from them whether the subject is/was actually employed there and was doing the kind of work he/she has stated. References are asked to share feedback. [See Disclaimer below]

Highest Education               

Education is verified from the educational institution [School/College/University]  or the regulatory body [Board/Council] on the basis of documents submitted to us.  [See Disclaimer below]

Negative Database Check           

Databases are maintained where proven cases of crime, misdemeanor, bribery or terrorist activities are available. Name of the individual is run through these databases and matches are analyzed on basis of date of Birth, Father’s Name and/or address.

A match post analysis is disposed as Discrepant.

Passport Verification

Passports with MRZ [Machine Readable Zone] are validated against a database to check validity of passport number. No other details are reported.

SSN Verification

In the US, all residents are issued a Social Security Number [SSN]. The provided SSN is run through a database to verify the addresses where the person resided and Federal crimes committed if any.


All *** Verifications mentioned above are limited to the territories of the Republic of India, excluding those districts which are described as affected areas by the Ministry of Home Affairs from time to time. No verifications shall be conducted beyond such aforementioned territories.

We take no liability with respect to any lapse on part of the Police in carrying out the registration process.

We take no responsibility about the veracity of the Police Verification and no liability shall arise on IndiaVerify in case of any lapse on the part of police/verifying body while carrying out the verification.