Self-Verification- Your doorway to a successful Career!

“India Today’s investigation team recently revealed that this great Indian fake degree bazaar is being run in the heart of the national capital, Delhi. The team has blown the lid off the racket where people are being offered Masters degrees without having to attend any class. The investigation team found out that a significant number of universities and colleges, most of them offering online and distance learning courses are a part of this racket.”

Keeping all this in mind, how certain are you of the authenticity of your degree? Have you ever verified the credentials of your university? Time and again, we come across news mentioning a fake degree racket being busted. To maximise their profits, few universities and colleges come up with phony agents and fake study centres who act like a retail outlet for them, selling fake degrees to people who are on the lookout for a short cut to a successful career in corporate world. And when these retail outlets get busted, everyone associated with them is penalised including those unfortunate few who actually went to these universities to study.

For every single job out in the job market the number of applicants is significantly high. Imagine in such a scenario walking into an interview for your dream job! You ace the interview and everything falls in the right place. You receive a great offer and you are just days away from starting your new job when you receive a phone call from the company’s HR team saying that they’ve withdrawn the offer because your degree or your college could not be verified or it turns out the college was not recognised at all by the UGC or any other government recognising bodies. Your world comes crashing down on you. You are in a dilemma now, not only have you lost the chance of your lifetime but your resume is forged. Would you ever want to be in such a situation?

In a situation like this and to prevent it from happening again, AuthBridge came up with an innovative solution called self-verification, a simple but highly secure and technologically driven solution to hasten and fool proof the self-verification process. Self-verification helps a deserving candidate get the right jobs. So it is time for you to verify your credentials before it is too late. And being a self-verified candidate is an added advantage when applying for a job in this competitive corporate world.

So the question is are you self-verified?

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