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Joe Gebbia, co-founder of AirBnB in a recent TED talk asked the audience to pull out their phones. He urged them to unlock their phones which many of them did. Next, he asked them to give their phone to the person sitting to their left. There was a noticeable moment of hesitancy before the audience followed through. At that moment, he shared the challenge his business and other on-demand economies face. They all work in a business of urging people to share their personal space with strangers.

He posed a question, “If you know a bit more about the person on the left before sharing your phone, would it make it easier to share? How much more?” I cannot generalize but I would not be comfortable with sharing my personal space or belongings with a complete stranger. But in a fast evolving world we need to rely on strangers to do most of our work, be it driving us to office or our kids to school, clean our homes, secure our housing societies or deliver goods to us etc. But the question remains, “Are we comfortable to share these things with strangers?” Maybe not. But would we like an efficient system in place that can answer our fears? Yes. We would like an opportunity to know a little bit more about these strangers that will make us comfortable to use their services. A system that holds that critical information about these strangers that is instrumental in building trust.

AuthBridge’s self-verification is an opportunity for people in search of that critical information to know more about these people. A tool that is innovative and technology driven, has been designed for the individual customer. Verifying your domestic help, driver, tenant and your marriage partner is critical to your personal safety. And the on-demand economy that is driving this new way of business is making us think, can we trust people?

How can we ensure that people who drive us around or rent homes to are trustworthy?

Maybe a simple background check?

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