Millennials: Time to ensure your emotional and physical well-being!

When you leave your home in a small town, India, to follow your dreams in a big metro, your road will probably be riddled with potholes, not always paved in happy technicolour bricks. The big metros with their charm, their diverse and unlimited opportunities still possess the tendency to scare you. Initially, these neon lighted big metros will sway you with their colours and vibrancy but slowly these big metros start to reveal the real face and as you progress, you start feeling terrified about your physical and emotional safety. You may have overestimated not just your own capabilities but of your surroundings too. Your life in this new place starts with house hunting because you have had enough of slouching on your friend’s couch and want a place of your own. The landlords and the agents start asking all these uncomfortable questions. Most of which you’re unable to answer but you end making up answers and manage to get a place. But your troubles just won’t end there, now you require a verification report from the local police station and few references to ensure your landlord is comfortable to rent out their place to you.  The next step is to find someone who can cook and clean for you-a housemaid. You ask around and on recommendation of a colleague, you hire someone. As your journey progresses you start to realise that you require other services as well like a driver etc. Again, you hire someone based on somebody’s recommendation. You finally have this feeling of contentment and happiness. You think that everything is sorted now but one morning while on your way to work, you read a news about a maid stealing from her employer’s house. Next day, you overhear a conversation about a driver who lied about his criminal past to his employer, has committed one more crime. Now you start worrying like the days of yore when you were a newbie to the city. You had thought the days of probably getting kicked to the ground 150 million times and being told you’re nuts by friends and strangers alike were over but they resurface. You feel lonely or terrified for your physical and emotional safety. You wish there was a way to overcome all these troubles. You wish there was a system in place that de-weeds the bad weed and you get worry free services. You keep asking everyone this question, “is there a system or a place that can help you verify your driver or your maid’s past?”

Yes there is. If only you had looked hard at the start and done some research you probably would have found out there are companies who offer services like verifying your drivers/tenants/housemaids and not only that you could verify yourself as well and you can use that verification report to show it to your potential landlords to make house renting process is easy and hassle free for you. It is still not late for you to do just that to ensure your physical and emotional safety. Even though some on-demand businesses claim to provide verified house help & drivers etc. but what & how needs to be confirmed.

So what is stopping you to ensure your emotional and physical well-being?

Verify yourself and your service providers today.

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