5 Things You Should NEVER Fake On Your Resume

Don’t ever fake anything on your resume. No matter how appealing it sounds, you’ll be caught, and it will have an adverse result on your career. Companies need honest employees. Not people who can lie and think that they can get away with it. Which company would trust a person who has lied on his resume? The answer is not a single company or recruiter. Following are the 5 things that candidates will lie or fake on their resume but they should never do it:


1.      Salary and Remuneration:

We all want to earn more. We envy them when they announce the salary packages of IIM and IIT students. We have this nauseating feeling where we are on a look out for ways which will help us to get a higher package and the easiest way some people think to do that is inflate your salary on your Resume. Assuming that no one will be able to verify it but most job-seekers perhaps don’t know that.

2.      Education and skills

An attractive job offer on a portal/career section or newspapers entices you to apply for it, but there is a catch. The skills and qualification required for this particular job does not match yours but your desperation compels you to apply for it and use skills and qualifications which you don’t have, not realising how dangerous it would be for your career if you get caught, which you’ll.

3.      Job profiles:

It is simple. Make your resume attractive so that when a potential recruiter looks at it, he shouldn’t think twice before calling you for an interview. It is not the design part but your last job profile. A content writer becomes a senior content writer. It may not be much for the person who is doing it but means a lot to the company that you’re applying for. They will give you a role based on your job profile and if your skill set does not match, it will not only lead to your embarrassment but hit the productivity and revenue of the organisation you are part of now.

4.      Employment tenures and gaps:

The recent job crisis meant a lot of people lost their jobs and finding a new opportunity was not so easy. It took time. So people try to increase their tenures of their last job or use an imaginary company to fix the gaps. What they don’t realise is that companies nowadays are taking background screening seriously and they will find out and it could spell troubles for you.

5.      Designations and titles

A bit similar to job profiles but an Assistant Manager becomes Manager and so on. It will have an effect on your future if you keep doing it and forging your resumes. Companies know the cost of a bad hire, so rather than investing in a bad hire, all companies invest in a background check which will obviously catch your CV inflation and forging.


All this sums up one thing, companies are looking for honest people, they may not have enough skills or the education or experience but be honest and show them why this job matters to you and what you can do to improve yourself and help the company to achieve their goals. You don’t need a fraudulent CV for that. You need ‘Yourself” to stick for you and prove that you can do it.

Companies across the globe are hiring services of the likes of AuthBridge to carry out the background screening. If you are not aware whether you’ll be pass this test, why not try IndiaVerify and self-verify yourself to ensure that your CV will not deceive you in a job interview.


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