Five reasons why you won’t get shortlisted for an interview


To be very honest, we disagree with the below mentioned five things but we don’t recruit, we screen candidates for employers which gives us hiring insights and based on that, we have complied this list.

What is baffling is how HR recruiters don’t give a chance to a job seeker to explain these five things—if there is any of this on their CV—or showcase what other skills they’ve? Or how they will react in a demanding situation thrown at them, because that is how a recruiter will be able to judge their attitude.


  1. Gaps on your resume: Gaps either because of studies or you took out a gap year. Malia Obama, eldest daughter of US President, Barack Obama, is taking a gap year. And everyone around her thinks it is wonderful. But recruiters across the globe have issues and often don’t shortlist candidates with gaps in their education or employment. What if someone was burnt out and wanted a break to rejuvenate? Should that be held against them?
  2. Matching skills: They are missing some skills listed on the job description and this means recruiters don’t short list such candidates but it does not make any sense. If an individual has 10 skills, he can learn additional skills required for the job. Rejecting candidates based on this is plain stupid.
  3. Lack of Industry experience: Some recruiters or managers emphasis on that fact that there should be industry experience. We beg to disagree. Hiring from a different industry or a fresher actually makes sense, as it brings a fresh or different perspective and may be employing those best practices of a different industry might help. Rejecting Candidates based on this is nonsense.
  4. Not the right degree: Certain jobs require certain kind of degree. A software engineer should have studied something related to software. A doctor should have studied medicine but that’s where it should stop. Every job out there does not need a particular degree. Candidates often get removed from short listed if they don’t have that specific degree.
  5. Too many short term jobs: Not having spent a considerable amount of team in one job makes HR managers or recruiters bit skeptical about a candidates stability. Some experts regard this as stupidity because there are myriad reasons why someone didn’t stay at a particular company for some length of time. However, candidates don’t get shortlisted for even an interview if it shows up on their CVs that they have hopped jobs.

So have you figured out a way to overcome these 5 things?

In today’s constantly evolving world, a job seeker should be mindful of the above things and the post-hiring part. Post-hiring part is when you get an offer but employees need to check whether everything on your CV is true or not. Just self-verify yourself and know what the recruiters will know.


Have you ever faced rejection because of any one of the five things above?

If yes, do let us know.



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